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Friday, 2 February 2018

Horus Heresy Weekender 1- an unexpected journey, the lament of Abe and Stonedrose

Well, today was day one of our road trip to Nottingham for the Horus Heresy weekender and an auspicious day it was.....

Abe tries to start his car...

So the Weekender nearly ended early for us, let me relay the story....

We all got to Warhammer World at around eleven today. Abes car died..... of course it did, it’s Abe. Needless to say we carried on, we had gotten there and we had a game to play, Abe decided to test his car afterwards.

JB And Stonedroses glorious world eaters

We went back in time. Playing Istvaan III, with World Eaters vs Loaylist Death Guard And Sons of Horus (SoH commanded b6 our friend JP, who was with us for the Weekender). The fighting was bloody and I got to try out my Mastodon and new chain axes for my world eaters (anvil industries- highly recommended as they don’t snap!).
Daveco and JPs loyalist Death Guard And Sons of Horus 

We suffered some early losses when an assault squad and legion champion perished to a deep strike mishap, but my caestus assault rams and mastodon really helped get our ravening hordes in close. Kharn also got chopped up by a leviathan dreadnought!

The caestus prepares to send Legion veterans into the heart of the Death Guard formation 

The mastodon is so tough! It really helped to keep my squishy infantry locked up tight until the right moment, it also killed a few things too!


The world eaters won the day, holding a few extra objectives and just genrally killing more stuff! Thanks to the Warhammer World staff for getting us tables at short notice! We will have to plan ahead next time.

So, we check on Abes car, no dice... we jump start the car, no luck. Abe calls the RAC and we are trapped at Warhammer World for a bit. A burger or so later- it was a simple blown fuse and Abe Is back on the road, our fleet of three is ready to go...

My car battery is dead...many thanks to Dave, another gamer at Warhammer World from Cardiff, who tried to give me a jump start....this failed so I called the breakdown, they fixed the battery and advised me to drive ten miles, hence the “unexpected journey”.

We’re all in our respective hotels now, everything is ok. It’s been bit stressful and somewhere i appears to have lost a mastodon lascannon sponson so if anyone sees it at Warhammer World or can help, please let us know!

More tomorrow!


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