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Saturday, 3 February 2018

Heresy Weekender- Day 2, Slate is clean, time for hobby fun

Here we are at day two of the Heresy Weekender, despite its best attempts, we beat Friday, today will be better!

A brief thank you to my long suffering fiancĂ©e, who a year ago agreed that I could carry on going to he Weekender this year, despite our baby being about seven weeks old on the dates in question. I do feel a bit guilty being away, but only a bit! So big thanks to her for letting me keep the sequence going, having been to all of them so far. I’ll pay her back with my time, she’s set for a spa day over the next couple of weeks so there’s a start. Here’s what I missed of my new daughter yesterday:

Clearly musical frogs are better than toy soldiers

Lots of seminars today to attend and stuff to buy. Abe and JB are a bit bummed that there’s nothing Dark Angels wise going on for a while, I’ll cover some of what went on in the next post, but we are more of a hobby blog than a news site, so I’m sure you’ve already heard about most of the stuff, never the less I’ll give my take on it and maybe you’ll see some stuff you didn’t elsewhere....

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