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Saturday, 3 February 2018

Horus Heresy Weekender Day Two- New Releases

We attended a fair few seminars today, mainly the new releases for necromunda and Horus Heresy. So here’s few pics from those. 

Heresy wise, aside form the actually releases of Dorn and co. I suppose the big news is the upcoming release of Alpharius and also the long awaited Lernean Terminators for the Alpha Legion. We have a member who should be posting some Alpha Legion soon, no doubt he’ll be keen to add these to his army.

Is this really Alpharius?

These look to be nice figures, long awaited for many Alpha Legion player

Next up there was a lot of necromunda stuff. This game is shaping up to be a great continuity game, lots of background, an evolving ruleset and extra stuff for each gang (like pets for your leaders, bounty hunters and new settings). After today I am far more excited about Necromunda and really glad I painted my Delaques!

Those new Escher weapons packs look great, I’m waiting until they come out to build my gang!

Lastly, some of the other stuff coming out this year for HH was far more esoteric and exciting with the return of a few old favourites.

I love the Termite, what a fun model this looks!

You will need a pretty big hole for this mole!

An auxiliary transport so you don’t need a Gorgon!

Maddest spider body since the Soul Drinkers!

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