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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Castellax Achea Battle Automata- Magic Robots

Ok, I loved these when they came out, I first saw them at the Heresy Weekender and I knew one day, they would be mine...
Maybe not a babe....but they will be mine

So, setting down to paint them, well by now the red is a pretty robotic process, using the airbrush: 1. Airbrush Iron Hands Steel with some shading on lower recesses 2. Vallejo steel/GW runefang steel air as a highlight on raised surfaces 3. Three coats of thinned angron red (FW air) 4. One thinned coat of Tamiya clear red This leaves a finish a little darker than some, but it is nice and consistent. 

Four seems a good number.... to kick ass!

 These bad lads have had a few outings now and they're amazing, not much good at dealing with heaving armour (unless they get close and can smash) but they're top dogs against most legion infantry squads. I've found them to be a great combination as a flanking force in an army with Magistus Amon (more on him another time). The Etherfire cannon is a bit of an acquired taste, I use it as it's cool, but it often doesn't do much, I find the mauler bolter cannons and bolter with asphix shells absolutely murder infatry though. However, I always forget soulfire and it will not die!

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